Reader Question: Cowboy Khakis?

Product Features knee, and widens slightly from knee to hem to fit your boots with style.

And, as whiskeydent noted above, it was considered pretty standard dress on the King Ranch.

But remember, khakis aren't suit pants, and they aren't jeans. Therefore the trick in wearing khakis successfully is to avoid shoes that are too dressy, or too casual. Here are a few of the best shoes to wear with khakis.
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Jun 08,  · Is it really a major slip up to wear black shoes with a bone or lighter toned khaki pant. If so which of these shoes will go best. I am looking to wear the shoes with khakis+a shirt tie as well as with a polo on some days.
A boot from one manufacturer might fit great, and a boot in the exact same size from the competitor will pinch. That makes cowboy boots especially hard to shop for online, or for people with unusual sizes.
Wearing Black Shoes With Khakis – Men’s Fashion Advice When it comes to khakis it’s near impossible to go wrong with brown shoes. The truth is, they work well with virtually any pant or suit color.

Watch video · Chukka boots or Desert Boots are rather popular today, and there are many manufacturers of casual chukka boots and also bespoke versions of it. Considering the casual nature of the Chukka boot, I would never combine a crepe sole Chukka boot with dress pants or a suit.

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Boots and Khaki Pants. I work in a professional office, and there are times when I have to dress up a bit, but not so formal as to wear a suit. In that case, often I choose a clean, pressed pair of khaki pants, dress shirt and tie, and sometimes a sport coat. Product Features knee, and widens slightly from knee to hem to fit your boots with style. Sep 23,  · How to Wear Cowboy Boots. You’ll want your pants to accentuate the boots as best they can. Avoid normal, work-style jeans. The front of the boots will still be visible – there won’t be any question that you’re still sporting footwear with a Western flair. %(5).