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The Harvard Square Businessmen’s Association (HSBA) was founded in by a group of local businessmen to address the challenges created by the subway .

He loved the swordfish! The book's 14 authors examine the nature of this experience in 45 essays covering topics such as air conditioning, the dying mall, mechanically enhanced plants, how the military is so compatible with shopping, how "high" architecture disdains yet embraces shopping, how American downtowns have become indistinguishable from the suburbs, how women were "liberated" as consumers, and how shopping spies on us. This year old tobacco shop specializes in quality cigars, hookahs, pipes, and fresh tobaccos. Aug 24, Sean rated it liked it. This business was removed from the other collection.

Harvard Square is packed with everything a hard-studying Harvard student or hard-working Cantabrigian may need for their day-to-day—and plenty of things they don’t. The most fun thing about.
Harvard Business School offices are open year round, except for school recesses and certain holidays noted in italics below.
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Visit Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Shops, restaurants, and museums are interwoven among the historic architecture of Harvard University. Nearby is .
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It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. J.K. Rowling. Course Selection Tool. The Course Selection Tool allows students to search for desired courses based on a variety of criteria and also to view a schedule of possible courses and activities for the current academic year.

It is great place for fine dining. They have a wide range of entrees from Italian to streaks and lamb chops to seafood and poultry dishes. Ask for Storm as your server. Excellent service, very good food! Different entrees are needed.

I will be sure to come back. Our waitress and the hostess were incredibly nice and really went above and beyond expectations. I was totally surprised that they had roasted Brussels sprouts with pastrami. What an inventive side dish creation.

We ended up ordering way more than two of us could eat, so we took the leftovers home. Brought 8 14 year olds to celebrate birthday and watch college football. The service was excellent Heidi was fantastic. Expense was very reasonable " See more. Got in promptly and service was very nice. The food was very good!! What a great way to introduce him to many different dishes. He loved the swordfish! Food was good but not the quality that I expected base on the referral I received and menu pricing.

We will visit again as everyone has an off night. Review will be updated after next visit. Good selection of beer and wine! She was attentive and took care of the 12 of us with skill. She made sure we had refills on drinks and came back often to be sure we didn't need anything further. Great food and service. Her timing was perfect, offered great suggestions and has a fun personality to boot!! I will be requesting her table in the future!! Both were tasty and we'd recommend them. Small plate menu has some unique and delicious items.

Be sure to try several! The mini donuts for dessert were the perfect bite of a delicious treat! We will always request this table. The view from this table is outstanding. The service and the food were fantastic This is now one of our top 5 places of all time. We ordered as appetizer of calamari. It came without a serving spoon for either the calamari or the sauce.

A small thing but makes a difference. I honestly think this visit was the best the food has tasted. Everything else was great though! Sign up Sign in. Cuisines 20 of Quick View Booked 4 times today. Buffalo Wild Wings - Canton 0. Quick View Booked 7 times today.

Quick View Booked 5 times today. Now that I am all settled in with my classes, I can talk a bit about my extracurriculars. I went to bed around 2 after our deliberations and set my alarm for 6: I marched back to the Quad underneath a blazingly blue sky, wind whipping my cheeks bright red, and settled in to my room to apply for a summer proctoring position at Harvard this summer.

You know what that means? One less class in the fall! Or, more likely, an elective, knowing me. Then I read for a bit, listened to Fleetwood Mac in preparation for a concert mid-April with my two awesome friends, Jess and Parul, and started writing a new poem for the CUPSI slam poetry competition.

The competition is next week, and it determines the team who will be representing Harvard at the National Poetry Slam, which will be at Barnard College in NYC this year! Remember my post from last year?

A Cappella , anthropology , courses , Extracurriculars , music , Shopping , sophomore , study. June 14, in Jeanie's Blog by Jeanie Nguyen 4 comments.

In a whirlwind of two incredible weeks, we were able to hit up Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome and Barcelona. Illegal but mandatory picture of me and David! Can't believe Michelangelo touched that and I stared at it! Perfection and Happiness captured at the Leaning Tower in Pisa — mini trip during our stay in Florence.

Since I now proudly hold one year of organic chemistry education under my belt, whenever I see the three letters PTP chained in this specific order, I automatically think of the electron sink cofactor and freak out. Before I was enlightened cursed? Both these perceptions are entirely wrong. PTP can be perceived as a win-win situation. On the administrative end, PTP gives the university a slightly more accurate count of course enrollment so that faculty can prepare and allocate resources as needed such as how many teaching fellows TFs, pretty much the same as a CA: Here are two official websites that explain PTP:.

PTP is a new tool that started the same time I began college Fall so you can expect that there have been a few bumps in the road. However, you can also expect that the university is actively working towards smoothing out these bumps — you can see their reaction to student suggestions through this technology forum. The undergraduate campus newspaper, The Harvard Crimson chronicles the history of PTP pretty well in these successive articles:.

With this super chill system, it can be difficult for faculty and administration to anticipate how to allocate resources in a timely manner in order to get the semester rolling. The tool was super redundant and NOT user friendly at all which made every student feel completely technologically incompetent. Also, the university use to request PTP super early i. Positive results have also been reported by Harvard: Possibly related, last fall we had the lowest number of TFs in recent historical memory who scored poorly on the Q Q guide.

January 27, in Alumni Blogs by npadilla 4 comments. You know those days where sometimes things just fall apart? I was having that pretty much for a week. Note the picture above from the Kennedy School… they have an affinity for quirky floors there I suppose. A so starts the long chain of moving, and shopping, and disliking, and moving, and shopping new classes.

Four hours to go till our Study Card detailing our course choices are do, but I think I figured it out, with classes one may more than I cared for, but another interesting food course to do research in: American Food, A Global History. Any class that starts out an introduction with a clip from The Matrix sounds awesome to me! Bladerunner, AI, I-Robot, all assignments for the course. Even the view see below from the fourth floor of the Science Center where the class is was persuasive.

But with Friday upon us I can feel little reason to worry except the sudden need to run out and find the cheapest books to buy….


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