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The Navy’s Birthday was established as an official holiday when Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt authorized the recognition of October 13th as the official birthday of the United States Navy .

President John Adams signs this historic act on April 30,

Military Branch Birthdays Birthdays are all about celebrating the birth of those we love and respect. That is why we take the time out to invite friends over, plan parties, bake birthday cakes.
Military Branch Birthdays Birthdays are all about celebrating the birth of those we love and respect. That is why we take the time out to invite friends over, plan parties, bake birthday cakes.
The United States Marine Corps (USMC), also referred to as the United States Marines, is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for conducting expeditionary and amphibious operations with the United States Navy as well as the Army and Air Force.
The Navy’s Birthday was established as an official holiday when Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt authorized the recognition of October 13th as the official birthday of the United States Navy .
Order of Precedence for Flag Display Marine Corps Birthday – 10 November Navy Birthday – 13 Oct (Abolished Feb - Reinstated 7 Sep ) Air Force Birthday – 18 September *Coast Guard Birthday – 4 August *According to the Institute of Heraldry, and in keeping with the order in which troops are listed in.
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The theme for the Navy’s nd Birthday is “Sea Power to Protect and Promote.” Our commemoration of the Navy’s birthday offers us an opportunity to honor the brave men and women who.

The American Legion recognizes the Merchant Marines for membership, depending on when and where they served. We felt it appropriate to place the flag for the living veterans who are here to see the honor so accorded them before the flag for those not presently in our midst. You can use your discretion here. Or Print Membership Applications. Military Birthdays and Order of Precedence. Happy Birthday National Guard: December 13, U. June 14, U. November 10, U. August 4, U.

Join the American Legion Now. Order a Legion Cap. The Utility Uniform , currently the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform , is a camouflage uniform intended for wear in the field or for dirty work in garrison, though it has now been standardized for regular duty.

It is rendered in MARPAT pixelated camouflage sometimes referred to as digitals or digies that breaks up the wearer's shape. In garrison, the woodland and desert uniforms are worn depending on the Marine's duty station. As in any military organization, the official and unofficial traditions of the Marine Corps serve to reinforce camaraderie and set the service apart from others.

The Corps' embrace of its rich culture and history is cited as a reason for its high esprit de corps. The Marines' Hymn dates back to the 19th century and is the oldest official song in the United States armed forces.

Two styles of swords are worn by Marines: The celebration includes a reading of Commandant Lejeune's Birthday Message. An important part of the Marine Corps culture is the traditional seafaring naval terminology derived from its history with the Navy.

Marines are not "soldiers", or "sailors". The Corps encourages the idea that "Marine" is an earned title and most Marine Corps personnel take to heart the phrase "Once a Marine, Always a Marine". They reject the term "ex-Marine" in most circumstances. There are no regulations concerning the address of persons who have left active service, so a number of customary terms have come into common use: Due to an expectation that urban and police-type peacekeeping missions would become more common in the 21st century, placing Marines in even closer contact with unarmed civilians, MCMAP was implemented to provide Marines with a larger and more versatile set of less-than-lethal options for controlling hostile, but unarmed individuals.

It is a stated aim of the program to instill and maintain the "Warrior Ethos" within Marines. The number of pieces of equipment everything from radios to trucks in a typical infantry battalion has also increased, from 3, pieces of gear in to 8, in The basic infantry weapon of the Marine Corps is the M4 Carbine , with a majority of non-infantry Marines equipped with the M16A4 service rifle.

The standard side arm is the M9A1 pistol. The Marine Corps utilizes a variety of direct-fire rockets and missiles to provide infantry with an offensive and defensive anti-armor capability. The smaller and lighter M72 LAW can destroy targets at ranges up to meters. The Javelin can utilize top-attack profiles to avoid heavy frontal armor.

The Predator is a short-range fire-and-forget weapon; the Javelin and TOW are heavier missiles effective past 2, meters that give infantry an offensive capability against armor. The USMC is currently seeking to purchase commercial off-the-shelf bullet-trap or shoot-through rifle-grenades. However, for its specific needs, the Corps uses a number of unique vehicles.

The LAV is a dedicated wheeled armored personnel carrier, similar to the Army's Stryker vehicle, used to provide strategic mobility. The threat of land mines and improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan has seen the Corps begin purchasing heavy armored vehicles that can better withstand the effects of these weapons as part of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle program.

Both are capable of firing guided munitions. The organic aviation capability of the Marine Corps is essential to its amphibious mission. The Corps operates both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft mainly to provide assault support and close air support to its ground forces.

However, other aircraft types are also used in a variety of support and special-purpose roles. In addition, the Corps operates its own organic aerial refueling and electronic warfare EW assets in the form of the KC Hercules and EA-6B Prowler , respectively, however it also receives a large amount of support from the U.

The Hercules doubles as a ground refueler and tactical-airlift transport aircraft. The Prowler is one of the only two active tactical electronic warfare aircraft left in the United States inventory, and has been labeled a "national asset"; it is used along with the Navy's EAG Growlers to assist in any American combat action since the retirement of the Air Force's tactical EW aircraft. The Marines operate unmanned aerial vehicles: Navy's flight demonstration team, the " Blue Angels ".

Average monthly flight time per pilot has dropped from an average of between 25 and 30 hours in to just over 4 hours in However, the Corps has consistently sought to maintain its own identity with regard to mission, funding, and assets, while utilizing support available from the larger branches. While the Marine Corps has far fewer installations both in the U. They also cross train with other countries. As a result, the Navy and Marine Corps have a close relationship, more so than with other branches of the military.

Whitepapers and promotional literature have commonly used the phrase "Navy-Marine Corps Team", [] [] or refer to "the Naval Service".

Operationally, the Marine Corps provides the Fleet Marine Forces for service with the Navy's fleets, including the forward-deployed Marine Expeditionary Units embarked aboard Navy amphibious warships. The Marine Corps Security Force Regiment provides infantry-based security battalions and Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team companies to guard and defend high-priority and overseas Navy bases. Cooperation between the two services includes the training and instruction of some future Marine Corps officers most are trained and commissioned through Marine Corps OCS , all Marine Corps Naval Aviators aircraft pilots and Naval Flight Officers airborne weapons and sensor system officers , and some Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel.

Many enlisted Marines, particularly those in the aviation maintenance specialties, are trained at Navy technical training centers. Training alongside each other is viewed as critical, as the Navy provides transport, logistical, and combat support to put Marine units into the fight, such as maritime prepositioning ships and naval gunfire support.

Most Marine aviation assets ultimately derive from the Navy, with regard to acquisition, funding, and testing, and Navy aircraft carriers typically deploy with a Marine squadron alongside Navy squadrons. Some of these sailors, particularly Hospital Corpsmen and Religious Programs Specialists , generally wear Marine uniforms emblazoned with Navy insignia.

Conversely, the Marine Corps is responsible for conducting land operations to support naval campaigns, including the seizure of naval bases. Both services operate a network security team in conjunction. Marines and sailors share many naval traditions, especially terminology and customs. Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients wear the Navy variant of this and other awards; [27] and with few exceptions, the awards and badges of the Navy and Marine Corps are identical. The Navy's Blue Angels flight demonstration team is staffed by both Navy and Marine officers and enlisted men, and includes a Marine C Hercules aircraft.

In , the Marine Corps joined with the Navy and Coast Guard to adopt a new maritime strategy called A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower that raises the notion of prevention of war to the same philosophical level as the conduct of war.

The Marines have reduced the requirement for large amphibious ships from 42 to a bare minimum of 33 ships; the fleet currently stands at 29 ships and is likely to shrink in the future. The Marine Corps combat capabilities overlap with those of the United States Army , the latter having historically viewed the Corps as encroaching on the Army's capabilities and competing for funding, missions, and renown.

The attitude dates back to the founding of the Continental Marines , when General George Washington refused to allow the initial Marine battalions to be drawn from among his Continental Army. Most significantly, in the aftermath of World War II, Army efforts to restructure the American defense establishment included the dissolution of the Corps and the folding of its capabilities into the other services.

Leading this movement were such prominent Army officers as General Dwight D. Doctrinally, the Marine Corps' focus is on being expeditionary and independent, and places emphasis on amphibious mobility and combined arms ; these make it a much lighter force than many units of the Army.

However, the Army maintains much larger and diverse combat arms infantry, armor, artillery, special operations , ground transport, and logistics, while the Marines have a more diverse aviation arm which constitutes a larger percentage of forces , and is usually organic to the MAGTF.

Marines operate as expeditionary units and are completely amphibious. The Marine Corps focus is on standardized infantry units with the other arms in support roles, as the "Every Marine a rifleman" creed shows. This commitment to standardized units can be seen in the short-lived experiment of the Marine Raiders. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment , also created in World War II December , enjoys high prestige to this day due to its continuous service. The Marines often leverage the Army's acquisition of ground equipment as well as benefiting from Army research and development resources , training resources, and other support concepts.

The majority of vehicles and weapons are shared with, modified, or inherited from Army programs. Culturally, Marines and soldiers share most of the common U. Many Marines regard their culture to have a deep warrior tradition, with the ethos that "Every Marine a rifleman" and emphasis on cross-training and combat readiness despite actual military occupation, be it infantry or otherwise. Doctrinally, Marines tend to decentralize and push leadership to lower ranks, while fostering initiative to a greater degree.

The Air Force may also attach TACP units to conventional marine ground forces to provide coordination for close air support. The Marine Corps accounts for around six percent of the military budget of the United States. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Branch of the United States Armed Forces. For other uses, see USMC disambiguation. History of the United States Marine Corps. Organization of the United States Marine Corps.

Marine Air-Ground Task Force. List of United States Marine Corps installations. Robert Neller , Commandant of the Marine Corps. Green Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.

Women in the United States Marines. United States Marine Corps rank insignia. Warrant officer United States. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Uniforms of the United States Marine Corps. Culture of the United States Marine Corps.

Performed by the U. Marine Band in June Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. List of weapons of the United States Marine Corps. List of vehicles of the United States Marine Corps. United States Marine Corps Aviation. List of active United States military aircraft. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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To Lead by the Unknowing, to Do the Unthinkable. The Marine Corps Way: Long before Hollywood popularized it, Marines used the phrase to reflect their preference for being a fluid, loosely reined force that could spontaneously react to rapidly changing situations, rather than a rigid outfit that moved in a specific direction with a precise plan. The 30 Management Principles of the U. Prepare for the Worst — DoDBuzz.

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October 13, 1775

October 13 marks the birthday of the U.S. Navy, which traces its roots back to the early days of the American Revolution. On October 13, , the Continental Congress established a naval force. The theme for the Navy’s rd Birthday is “Forged by the Sea.” A 13 October resolution of the Continental Congress established what is now the United States Navy with “a swift sailing vessel, to carry ten carriage guns, and a proportionable number of swivels, with eighty men, be fitted, with all possible despatch, for a cruise of three months.” After the American War of. The Navy Birthday is one of the two Navy-wide dates celebrated annually – Navy Birthday and Navy Day. The United States Navy was originally established as the Continental navy on 13 October