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Glerups Wool Slippers Open Heel An ultra-durable boiled-wool slipper The Glerups slippers are the most durable and supportive boiled-wool slippers we tested. These do have a bit of a break-in period. Sean Cormier, associate professor of textile development and marketing at FIT, in-person interview and testing, August 1, Others are just too clueless to know.

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Jun 26,  · Spa slippers wholesale at True to Size Apparel offers 21 styles of Boca Terry spa bath slippers. Choose from open toe, closed toe velcro mens and womens shoes. True to .
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Jun 26,  · Spa slippers wholesale at True to Size Apparel offers 21 styles of Boca Terry spa bath slippers. Choose from open toe, closed toe velcro mens and womens shoes. True to .

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While my feet felt warm and cozy in the fleecy parts of these slippers, the tops of my feet ran a tad cold, as the shearling tongue came only about one-third of the way up my foot. Instead, you need to spot clean the outside. If you find shearling slippers too warm or fluffy, or want something more minimalist looking, we recommend Glerups Wool Slippers Open Heel and Glerups Wool Slipper Boots.

These slippers would have been our main pick, but for the higher price. They are made of breathable percent wool that will keep your feet perfectly toasty without overheating them, and these shoes should last for many years. Our testing panel had nothing but excellent feedback for the Glerups slippers. They noted that the sizing was easier to fit correctly especially compared with our budget pick made by Acorn , the style was sleek for slippers , and the shoes were overall very easy to get on and off.

In addition to being the most comfortable woolen slippers we tested, these were far and away the most durable. The sample fabric we tested from the Glerups slippers on the tensile tester maxed out around pounds of force nearly double what it took to bust through the material from the Acorn slippers —it even temporarily halted the test device.

The fabric dented, but did not give out and break. To add to the durability, Glerups also constructs its slippers from a single piece of felt with an additional layer of wool for the insole, plus a sewn-on outsole either calfskin or rubber. This means that the fabric should never separate from the sole, and the design has far fewer potential points of wear than any other slippers we looked at. The Glerups slippers come in from left open-heel slip-on, shoe, and boot styles to suit a variety of tastes.

Our testers found the Glerups shoe style a little harder to get into than the boot and slip-on versions. Glerups offers three styles—the open-heel slippers, the boots, and the shoes—and all come with either a leather or hard-rubber sole for wearing inside and out. Most of our testers preferred the boot for winter because it felt easier to put on and take off and provided more coverage and warmth.

The open-heel option may be more comfortable for you if you live in a warmer climate or wear slippers during the summer. They are warm in the winter, fit well with socks underneath, and, over time, they have retained their shape and feel better than the Haflingers. A host of other publications like them too. Slits at the top of the boots make them easy to slip in and out of. These do have a bit of a break-in period. Some past testers mentioned that the Glerups slippers were a bit stiff out of the box and that they could be a tad itchy.

In our experience, they break in very nicely after a few weeks of wear. After a call to test Glerups customer service, we felt confident they would replace faulty slippers. And if you buy through L. Plus, the Sweater Fleece slippers have a rubber outsole, so you can wear them to walk the dog or run to the mailbox.

The fit and feel otherwise remain the same, with a fleecy interior, knit outside, and an EVA foam sole. In general, synthetic fabrics like polyester tend to be less breathable, which may cause your feet to sweat. Owners also love these shoes, currently giving them 4.

While most people rave about the warmth and comfort of these scuffs, we found that they have a pretty narrow opening. They are only available in whole sizes so you may want to consider sizing up. The Acorn slippers were the only ones we tested that had a mix of natural and synthetic fibers—wool and polyester—and in general we found them to run a bit warm.

Their durable rubber outsole, along with a supportive insole, makes them very comfortable to wear indoors or out. The Acorn Digby Gore slippers for men are more subtle, with a simpler design and more subdued colors. These shoes were the second most durable after our Glerups pick when we tested them at the Fashion Institute of Technology we did not conduct these tests on the Wicked Good Moccasins. When we cut the Acorn slippers up and took them apart, we found an upper body constructed of a thin layer of boiled wool plus center layers reinforced with bonding and a layer of foam, as well as an inner lining made from polyester fleece.

Cormier postulated that the bonding layer added to the durability of this fabric. The Acorn slippers get great reviews on Amazon. Figuring out whether you should choose a small, medium, or large size can be tricky, so make sure to check the numerical size equivalents listed on Amazon , and when in doubt, go up a size.

We found that Acorn has excellent customer service and is easy to contact in the event that you have issues with an order, sizing, or care. Bean recommends spot cleaning the suede Wicked Good Moccasin slippers. Glerups recommends vacuuming your slippers to clear them of dust, and then using either the wool wash, handwash, or delicates setting maximum 86 degrees Fahrenheit to machine wash your slippers.

Finally, after a spin in the washer, Glerups advises: Pat your Glerups into shape, remove, and leave to air-dry. We suspect this is due to their different wool types. Bean recommends handwashing and air-drying the Slipper Scuffs.

The Haflinger AS soft sole and Haflinger AT hard sole were our previous top picks, but after seeing numerous comments and complaints about durability issues and learning that our staff members were facing similar problems, we had to revisit our recommendation.

The seam down the center of both of these slippers is a major point of weakness, and as soon as we cut the top away from the sole of the shoe at FIT, the seam began unraveling before we even set it up in the tensile tester. After we removed the test fabric from the machine, the seam easily unraveled the rest of the way with minimal effort.

We also tested the Haflinger GZ , but it felt like more of an everyday clog than a slipper. The wool was also quite tight on our feet—it felt like they run on the small side. Mahabis slippers are another felted option, featuring clean lines and rubber soles.

Overall, these shoes seemed too synthetic and had some critical design flaws. The heel flap, while excellent for securing our feet in place, was uncomfortable when we wore it in the smushed-down slip-on position. Stegmann offers solid everyday footwear, but most of our testers found their designs too stiff to be worn as a cozy slipper or forgiving house shoe.

The Giesswein Veitsch has a nice look and a soft boiled-wool upper, with a similar appearance to the Haflinger styles, but we thought the sole was too stiff to be comfortable, and the arch support was too intense for some testers. The boiled-wool Giesswein Ammern style lacked ergonomic foot support and felt flimsy overall.

Bean Wicked Good slippers for the most breathable sheepskin and were impressively soft and comfortable. Yet three weeks into our test the sheepskin wore through to the suede. The Ugg Scuffette II slippers were extraordinarily soft and comfortable, and if we were picking a slipper for women who care exclusively about comfort, this pair would probably be the best.

The Old Friend slippers we tested—the Ladies Scuff —ran very small, and the sheepskin quickly wore down. Plus, owner reports of these shoes quickly falling apart make them a no-go.

The sole felt unforgiving and cheap, and the sheepskin felt artificial and not breathable. Technically, shearling refers exclusively to lambskin that has been shorn only once. Sheepskin , or sheepskin shearling , can refer to sheepskin from an adult sheep that has been shorn several times. But we found that many manufacturers use the terms interchangeably for the same product. Others are just too clueless to know. Wendy Thayer, brand marketing manager at Garnet Hill , interview. Sean Cormier, associate professor of textile development and marketing at FIT, in-person interview and testing, August 1, Esha Chhabra, Would you wear wool shoes to save the environment?

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