Fragrantica Exclusive: Jeremy Discusses His Own First Fragrances

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The whole idea of wearing perfume to get compliments and appeal others sounds kind of naïve to me because complimenting others on anything perfume, clothing or otherwise , or getting compliments, are rare and awkward phenomena that seldom happen in social interactions. I have blind bought Kim's perfumes and other perfumes from different brands that also do not have samples or testers available either , and I personally enjoy them. Frankly I find that whole desperate digging for dirt around this guy really pathetic. That about sums up his taste.

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We have household items, kid’s, women’s, men’s, clothes, shoes, and toys. Proceeds go to Kennedy’s Village, a nonprofit organization working to “Re-shape Sickle Cell” a blood disorder impacting.
The news came up a month ago: Jeremy Fragrance the famous Youtube vlogger from Germany is launching his own fragrance brand. He has been sharing some details on his Youtube channel, but little has been revealed until has chosen to give Fragrantica the scoop. In this exclusive interview, Jeremy gives us some more details.

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His audience is not about fragrance, but about insecurety and emptiness I love fragrance too, but for the sake of smelling good, and felling good with it. To construct relationships with humans, fragrance is not important at all. Kindness and inteligence are. And again I add a comment after doing some research, which should have been done the first time.

I watched the Jeremy Fragrance Reddit Timeline. Don't make the mistake I did and comment without research. But, unfortunately, people like Jeremy and his blind followers are a sign of our times. Just gota more informed before making any decisión. I bet he cries in the shower about the lines growing on his face. Sure, some of the girls in his videos are hot, but that doesn't fool me on what he's really about.

Sick, copy paste, no talent content. I'd rather watch Gene Simmons get a vasectomy. The fig, neroli, bergamot or lavender one? I can't decide which one to buy myself: I used to watch Jeremy sometimes when I just wanted to discover new perfume to buy His older videos were, while never very insightful or in-depth, pretty good for that and he rarely went wrong with his suggestions.

WTH is with those stupid cringey random pushups on every video? And his comment section I literally feel physically bad reading it.

Plus his lists are a always the same b bad. After being on the market for 4 years they're suddenly "more modern" than his previous pick Sauvage? Constantly dresses in expensive suits and has eur worth of fragrances, and he's supposedly not paid for promoting any.

Then when I also saw the Fragrance Runner's video and that harrased girl situation, the pieces fit into place and it's clear that Jeremy is just a basic scumbag taking advantage of people's stupidity.

This "they will have to preorder full bottle, no sampling" is another proof of that, and I'm sure his fragrancearmy peons will order k copies blindly. Does anyone know why is he using the name "Jeremy Williams" while he is called Daniel Schütz? D Any info about this? So I said prove the claim that it violates the rules and should be reported. Not that he's even wrong, but just to prove it.

It doesn't personally concern me, but I felt like commenting on it because, well, I felt like doing it, so I did. Is that a problem or something? It doesn't affect the other guy either, but he's spewing vitriol throughout this thread, so go bother him for making a scene. Also doesn't affect you, but here you are commenting about me. Funny how that works. Btw, nothing ironic about my name being Jeremy. I think the word you're looking for is "coincidence.

I'm not a Youtuber. But someone claims that it's a violation of Youtube's policy to require a subscription to enter a giveaway the same person who compares other human beings to "pond scum" and "cancer," mind you , and suggests that people should report any channel which does that - which would include channels I happen to enjoy watching, and who put in a lot of thought, work and effort in their content outside of Youtube, there are excellent blogs which do the same.

Asking for proof is covering up for something? And no, restating his claim isn't proof; a link to their policy which clearly states it is proof. Try something better than an expression. After all, it's not like there's a lack of expressions about guilty people being quick to accuse.

He can hire the best parfumer but it doesnt mean he will make a great scent. By the way if he hires Albert Morilas than fragrance probabably gonna be crap.

At the end of the day no one is forced to watch anything including JF or anyone else, we all have a choice. Same goes for which frags we choose to buy. I also like to be a bit different which is why, more often than not I am put off by over-hyped things, whether frags, films, books, music or even places to visit.

It seems to me that many big fragrance brands are happy to peddle watered-down juice these days some which do of course smell great and until people stop buying them at over-inflated prices and believing the hype they'll continue to do so. It really wouldn't surprise me if they pay people for positive reviews as part of their huge promotion campaigns but I'm not so sure 'the masses' ie majority of sales even bother to search for perfume reviews, advertising surely has a bigger effect if done properly.

Don't believe the hype on anything percent, go in with an open but also cautious mind and draw your own conclusions. Long live freedom of choice! Jeremyn87 seems to be trying to cover something up here, ever heard the expression Him being sponsored to go somewhere does not equal him being payed to make positive reviews for fragrances.

You're not proving anything. The rules I see state that you cannot pay a third party to manipulate Youtube stats like those subs or likes services which some Youtubers are accused of buying. The rules don't appear to suggest that subscribing to be eligible for a giveaway are in violation of that rule. Unless there's another area where that's clearly stated. Restating your comment as factual is not proof. A link to Youtube's rules which explicitly state it is considered stat manipulation and are thus in violation of Youtube's guidelines would be proof.

The reason being is that it is likely not considered a third party service, since the same point also mentions reflecting genuine user engagement. Nor is it clearly compensation for anyone aside from the winner - who may have already been subscribed beforehand. Bit of a thread hijack but; I've only fairly recently become a fragrance enthusiast of sorts ie collector but I've already fallen into the trap of blind buying based on the views of certain apparently 'impartial' youtubers.

Now however I've learned to take with a pinch of salt what reviewers say and do as much research as possible before blind buying a fragrance. Not just with J. Only one or two 'clones' pop up in most of these lists even though there are some very worthy ones out there which are heavily based on the designer powerhouses in my opinion plus a few hyped up niche scents.

Jeremy is to the fragrance community what cancer is to the human race Also travelling the world for free to visit some new perfume launch events and exhibitions, sleeping in luxurious hotels with bills paid by the brands, etc, does assume dishonest reviews. Because in the moment the vlogger says what he really thinks about a fragrance, he will not be invited any more by the companies to such events.

I think it's pretty obvious what the educated part of fragrance enthusiasts think about JeremyFerrariragrance. Just look at the balloons next to the comments calling him out. What I always find the most entertaining, however, is his drones aka followers who will defend him blindly and vehemently on youtube. Well, try to do that on here and getrekt hahaha. All he do is say rasasi havaaaaaaaaaasssssssss: What is this award about? And on what base did this man win?

What i saw until now he was reviewing tipical crowd pleaser mass apealing all the same kind of perfumes I never saw in his video some talent related to fragrance apart of maybe good sale skills even this I would doubt Perfume world is doomed.

He doesnt even offer samples for his fragrance. What brand doesnt do that niche or not niche. There is a reddit post. Google Jeremy Fragrance Reddit Timeline. Or you can put m. Maybe if we all email the editor of Fragrantica we can get his interviews removed.

Its like they are all scared of Jeremy or something lol!! When styling oneself the sort of media property that is to be known by a single name, pick something other than Lovely smells, that's it. Seems like everyone has an agenda, and not healthy ones. Please lets stick to great smells.

I wonder if his perfumer is happy about being compared to michael jackson who had some serious allegations against him and payed huge sums of cash to make things go away. This guy has unsuprisingly got so many peoples backs up with his dishonesty, begging on patreon and getting a ferrari, telling people how to exercise,what to wear,being very manipilutive, creating a false persona and deleating any negative comments on his channel.

The latest episode using another reviewers material to win an award and threatening him with lawyers when he made a video explaining what jf had done. Jeremy is quite clever in that he knows dam well that a lot of people in this world can be quite gullable and like to follow some kind of celebrity , he cherishes this worship with his personality.

This is not an envious rant and i am just saying what i see, i think a lot of you probably have had similar thoughts,putting himself on here has given people the chance to air their thoughts without them being instantly deleated. As someone who wears black most of the time and like to keep myself to myself listening to joy division , radiohead and the pistols imagine my horror when jeremy was going to adopt some of these traits, thankfully he changed his mind two days later and went back to his expensive designer gear.

Anyway i must dash, i have to whiten my teeth, practise some one arm push ups, iron my hugo boss suit, check my patreon , deleate some comments and pump up the tyres on my ferrari because the jealous haters who are not in my army keep letting them down. They should at least performed their due diligence, investigate the matter and make a decision whether to align with him through this interview or not.

Mostly a crowd pleaser who smartly gives what they expect to his "army" of followers. Definitely not my cup of scent. So much controversy with Jeremy. It's clear he did steal The Fragrance Runner's content based on his subsequent actions deleting the video that won him the award, uploading the "excuse" video and the private messages to TFR , but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now on the sexual harassment allegations until there is valid proof.

Instead of staying silent about the issue, he needs to take measure to minimize further damage to his reputation.

Just make a sincere apology to The Fragrance Runner, admit what you did and move on. We know you ripped him off so might as well confess.

He already lost the viewers that can think for themselves, but he'll still have his loyal minions following his every move so it's not a total loss for him. I'm so thrilled to see a new addition to the SpongeBob Squarepants collection!!! I already have Mr. Now I am placing my preorders for the newest in the bunch Of course he did. There was some videos where he sounded kind of unstable. He had a breakdown once and made a video about dressing in all black ,of course he deleted those videos.

He comes out as a spoiled brat who think he is better than anyone and have to constantly brag about it and remind us that he is the lord of fragrances. He probably read thi ms comments as well. And if his brand fails because its uninspiring and nothing special he will blame it on the " haters " that they ruined his company. NO,Because if they did they would remove all the comments.

People are too sensitive. His fans would start a SJW moment and get angry saying it was all fake and photoshopped. I hate to say it, but all this controversy makes me curious!

To the person who said "Beauty fades, dumb is forever. Did YSL stop paying him? I want to know: If so, why is Fragrantica linking itself to a person who would write this? Go ahead and attack me and accuse me of being a hater. My answer to all of you is thiis: If YOU are ok with it, and you are ok supporting it, defending it, and being associated with it, then that is your decision alone to make.

It's hard to imagine anyone would seriously want to take this guy's project on though and I can only guess the reason would be financial gain, I mean, seriously? The guy's a No 1 douche that could be the name of his perfume perhaps, Douche Juice? Sorry but he really is. Sometimes, when celebrities get negative attention here, fans will be very offended. I just want to offer that, I am not criticizing for no reason at all, it is personal in a way.

When I go somewhere to read about perfume, or to an online store, it is a real aggravation to me to see that picture of him pretending to spray perfume in his mouth. It just takes some of the pleasure of the experience away for me. Fragrantica, I am so disappointed in you. How and why can you justify giving this egomaniacal dick the attention he so desperately seeks. He's more thirsty than a gold-digger at a plutocrat convention. Being a vlogger doesn't make him as special as he thinks he does and he is certainly not the best of the best , as he thinks.

Literally anyone with a phone can upload a fragrance review to YouTube and call themselves a " vlogger ". Doesn't make him an expert in any way. His arrogance is more than off putting, it downright inspires feelings of hate about someone so self involved, so narcissistic, that he thinks " his" fragrances are the best thing to ever happen to the world if perfume. I see him failing gloriously. He is not providing , offering or even selling samples but making people buy the full bottle, unsniffed.

I hope reality sets in soon for this jerk. I know the names of the fragrance that this guy is gonna release. Anyway, good luck to Jeremy Fragrance Everyone to their taste. Peoppe dont hate him because he is successful. Theres tons of people on YouTube that are popular and people don't hate them. Peoppe just dont like how egoistic he is. Firstc, he cant take criticsm , sometime he comes out mentaly unstable and he thinks he is the god of the fragrance community.

Do you see people hate on Eugene from smells good or redelossence? Also , you cant really trust the things he says. He used to claim he doesnt drink ever yet he posted a videi which he deleted where he was was pretty drunk. Then he claimed at the award show that he started off unknown yet he was already a superstar and he was being involved with fragrances since EmiliaAnnika It'd be even more tasteless if the bottle is upside-down and you have to press the xxx to squirt the juice xD swoon "Douche.

First the light then the dust! All I have to say is Uhm yeah, I wonder if this thing hit the public will be more girls coming out as MeToo. Jeremy's sole purpose in life is to be famous, that's all he cares about, hes an egomaniac. He tried being a popstar, didn't work so he tried another avenue. Egomania is also known as an obsessive preoccupation with one's self and applies to someone who follows their own ungoverned impulses and is possessed by delusions of personal greatness They call Jeremy 'King', 'Lord and saviour' or even 'God'.

They worship their leader and participate in a strange cult of personality. They unquestioningly praise all his videos on YouTube as if they had been brainwashed. They fund his expensive cars, his travels, his computers and his video equipment on Patreon, and no doubt that they will rush towards his own label fragrances tomorrow. I mean the so-called 'fragrance army', as Jeremy named the numerous individuals who tend to act as a bulwark against criticism over him.

But the fragrance world does not need an army. It does not need mindless disciples who blindly obey a false prophet. The fragrance world needs inventiveness, artistry and a tad of rebellion.

Meanwhile, I hope the perfumer brought on this JF Project has thought it deeply. Anything JF is usually one with unfettered backlash and negativity!

My heart and respect for them would bleed! Gives the project to well-known perfumer I second Alberto Morillas His so-called "criteria" states that it could be either versatile or particular This is what I call a blank statement and has to be mass appealing with compliments being the leading factor 3.

He thinks he's some sort of Kim Kardashian of the fragrance world and decided to use the exact same HYPE strategy to get people to buy; I bet you'll start seeing fake news of his fragrances being sold out during pre-order Yes, Kim also lied; her Crystal fragrances were left unsold for months. JenJones28 drouhin's explination is not only plausible but more than likely. They usually only will afford cheaper entertainment acts like that 'band'. All the girls on the stage a wearing their swimwear, one girl still has wet hair.

The smallest is maybe 5 in her tankini, one seems to be around 10, she's wearing a bikini top and bathing shorts, and one seems to be around 13, she's wearing a straight bikini and her hair is wet.

It is obviously some summer event with a pool or lake involved. During that kind of cheapish events it's super normal that at some point they allow some kids on stage.

One of my friends still is proud how she got on stage when she was 11 with some low level boyband during some super market festival in Munich. No one is touching the kids except maybe on the shoulder , everyone is facing the audience that most likely consists of more kids and the parents cause nobody else would suffer through watching such performances , and they are clearly just allowed to sing along with one song.

I don't see anything sexual here and frankly i find it more disturbing that there seem to be people out there who on seeing kids in bathing suits next to an adult in an obviously public setting would think of it in a sexual way right away before anything else. Just my humble opinion. Frankly I find that whole desperate digging for dirt around this guy really pathetic.

He is for sure a polarizing character and certainly willing to step on people to make it big on youtube. Also i doubt that for him perfumes are really that big of a passion.

It is just the first 'thing' that worked for him while striving to 'make it as big' as his ego already is. But yeah, sorry, all that desperate digging for dirt in a desperate attempt to destroy someone now seems pathetic to me too. Nothing is going on in that video that i havent seen in such situations in Germany before.

And sorry, yeah, I am a bit disturbed that there are people out there who would see pictures like that and go 'oooh that's sexual', mho.

This guy and the number of subscribers he has on YouTube just reminds me how stupid the public opinion is. He absolutely says nothing about the details of any perfume: Well, even the guy who sells ice cream in our neighborhood can do that. Why people follow him to know about perfumes is beyond my understanding. Hero of all the fragrance noobs out there, and the frat boy element. I feel sorry for the noobs, wasting their money based on this guy's terribly narrow exposure to the fragrance world.

The frat boy sexists can have him. If you like Jeremy Fragrance, please, please, please know that there are literally hundreds of better fragrance blogs and vlogs out there.

If someone is a vain and shallow manipulator, it's ok. If you call it out, you are jealous and full of envy. I do find his older hair styles amusing but I also had big 80s hair that was probably equally, if not more amusing. I happen to be someone who is licensed to work with children in a a profession that is dedicated to their care and welfare. I certainly hope the best but it bothers me. I would like a context and better understanding of that video.

It will bother me until I get credible facts about it. I just want a credible explanation for it. Jeremy was in a boyband called "Part Six" when he was a teenager. He had severely blond-highlighted hair from treatments that probably dried it out and made it look like dreadlocks. They likely weren't intended to be dreads. I don't find the "In Love" video disturbing. The girls onstage were the same age as most Part Six fans at the time.

They look like they're wearing bathing suits. Maybe an outdoor summer concert? Do a youtube search for PartSix Fernsehgarten to see the age of their audience and the sort of venue where they performed -- there's a swimming pool.

Jeremy and the other boys were interacting appropriately with them, like they were children, not women. They were probably the "lucky" fans who got to go onstage with their idols. As for perfume, I don't share his taste. Have to give him some props as a dancer, though.

Could easily be a professional. I just Youtube'd the video referenced below by JenJones28 called "I'm in love". It's disgusting on so many levels and I find it extremely weird and offensive.

I see a lot of people praising him for working towards his dream, and that's the point: The fragrance that will be loved by all? To me this reads as a generic mix with no character, a perfume version of a standard room freshener. Noone hates it; noone remembers it either.

It's a youtuber who begs his subscribers to support him on Patreon while riding a Ferrari. His perfume will probably serve the purpose of buying him a Lamborghini. That's how much it is about art. There is a Reddit timeline post about Daniel Jeremy that I found very informative. I could not post the link to it here. Just want to pass the info along in case anyone is interested.

It is that there is a very young girl who looks to be about years old If someone could please explain this video to me I would be deeply appreciative. It is extremely disturbing. I am a perfume fan and I wear perfume every workday and even reapply sometimes, and I suspect that many perfume lovers will not be attracted by this idea. It really appears that his fellow fragrance admirers are not part of his target and audience.

Many fragrance lovers choose perfumes that make them feel special, and they may wear it as a form of aromatherapy. The whole idea of wearing perfume to get compliments and appeal others sounds kind of naïve to me because complimenting others on anything perfume, clothing or otherwise , or getting compliments, are rare and awkward phenomena that seldom happen in social interactions.

Jjjjiii, the interview has no waste. There is some phrase, just to frame It is impossible to be more snobbish, egocentric and misogynist, than this individual, who has been giving the note in a rather shameful way, since he tried to dedicate himself to the world of music. I do not want it to fail, nor to succeed. I do not care what this character does, apart from the fact that his perfumes are going to be made by other people, people who understand about perfumes, that he does not have the slightest knowledge of perfumery and like any fragrance, they can get better or worse.

By the way, as a chosen perfumer, I bet Morillas will be, that he does not care to throw anything. Overall, he is releasing 50 perfumes a year What worries me, is the repercussion that has been given, by some media that "pretend" to be serious, this guy, who on the other hand, has been able to ride very well with a certain type of audience.

What's more, I'd like to know if he's really like that or if he's just a character that plays. Personally, I must confess that at some point I was even amused to see some of his videos. I confess that I found it funny, on occasion. It's like when you change channels and have a good time watching a movie like Porky's or American Pie. I think it's interesting that he thought Mon Guerlain was a super release and Luca Turin panned it.

That about sums up his taste. It will be polarizing, I can tell you. You guys realize you are doing exactly what he was aiming at. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Won't buy the perfume cause I don't blind buy unless it's well known scents I can easily swap. But I couldn't care less if or not he is a total prick though I highly suspect he overplays it a lot in his YT persona as 'over the top' just gives you more traction than 'mellow and meek'. He's the Donald Trump of fragrances.

A lot of people hate him, and his base don't give a shit. He's by far the most popular fragrance reviewer on YouTube and that alone got a lot of so-called fragrance experts pissed. The way people express their hatred for him is only going to make him more popular. Frankly I wish him the best. If you don't like him then don't watch his channel. I'm not the biggest fan of his content because I prefer more vintage fragrances which he doesn't cover.

However his popularity is undeniable and his base appears to be united. The guy has a masters in international business. So he's more than what you see. I think it's only the beginning for him for he clearly has the drive that few people have. If I had to guess, I'd say that the perfumer he is working with is Alberto Morillas. What is up with the world?

I've been following the comments on this post with amusement and even posted my own zinger -- Jeremy is an easy target and come on, this is hilarious! But as the hate and negativity continue to roll in, the whole thing is starting to get me down a little. ART is for everyone. The key to keeping our world sacred isn't by tearing down simpletons like Jeremy.

Seriously tho, the most effective thing you can do is ignore him. Anything else is just promotion for him on some level. Jeremy has a right to exist, even if he makes me all pterodactyl-screechy inside. Just because he exists doesn't mean he's a part of my world. Let's promote what we love and stop wasting time on everything else. That being said, the "All of Me" and "Ibiza Forever" videos are hilarious and since they have nothing to do with perfume, I will laugh at them. SuperCleanOozy, we must have met Monsieur Kurkdjian at the same event!

Nice to meet one from the crowd of blundering people. I have been watching some of Jeremy's reviews and am well updated on all the works of Kurkdjian. I do wish the best to Jeremy and would like to see what indeed comes out of all his talk. He already has enough fans and haters and my views on his personality are needless. It is nice to see how many of us have guessed or alluded that the "best perfumer" must be Francis Kurkdjian along with Dominique Ropion, Roja Dove, etc. The matter of official fact is Jeremy gets a trophy for what seems like the best fragrance vlog.

Kurkdjian is one of the greatest personas in the perfume world and my all due respect goes to him and his work. As far as the comments went, no one reflected on the rude comment on Francis Kurkdjian, so I felt a sense of urge to defend the true perfume genius. After all, s'il vous plait, whoever said he struggled with English He has done some good reviews of niche and less common brands which I respect, but this may be a bit much. You may have gone too far with this endeavor Jeremy, so please wow us and live up to your big head with something ground breaking.

The proof is in the pudding. I just hope his fragrances are as good as he says they'll be, for his sake and ours. Thank you to the Fragrantica members that they thumped down my comment and it is gone while I was sending well wishes to Jeremy and Miguel Matos. Are you really here for the fragrances or just for fun. The only thing you do is to put off your mask and show us your true colours "dear" Fragrantica members. What a miserable and pathetic attitude is this.

Give more hate that makes Jeremy stronger and famous. Your passion for fragrances echoes my own. Miguel Matos you too. All his choices for women are not long lasting. And I'm not even mentioning how he uses women as eye candy.

Men don't have to care we will supposedly 'drop our panties' with your fragance choices. It's disappointing to hear people criticising this guy for his English. I too would be interested to hear how good their German, or any other foreign language is I've only watched one of Jeremy Fragrance's videos and I find his persona offputting. I am sure there are many non-fragheads who may have started to get into fragrance by watching him, particularly men. But back to the English issue. This is nothing but cultural superiority and has no place, especially on Fragrantica.

I've always thought one of the greatest things about the Fragrantica community is that fragrance is the lingua franca and we really do seem to be a global community. Where a member comes from is secondary to their fragrance identity and really only relevant in my opinion when it comes to practical issues like swaps.

We chat, review, give advice, share experience and swap across borders and I think that's very cool. I'm an English native speaker born in Australia but have a Chinese heritage, have lived in Germany for a couple of years and speak basic German.

Knowing how hard it is to learn a language, my immediate impression is actually how good Jeremy's English is. But that's not the main point either - better an over the top young gun who sets his goals high and goes for it in public than bigoted xenophobes who aim low from behind their computer screens As I said, his style is a turn-off for me personally but I do wonder if there is some jealousy here?

I agree - if you don't like him just don't watch him! Good for him and I wish him well. It's always inspiring to see ppl following their passion. However, when creating a brand, the face of it has to be somewhat relate-able and likeable.

I find his online presence synthetic with no longevity or projection. Gorgeous just bloody gorgeous!! Have a great day! You people really have a lot of negative things to say about someone whos passionate and inspired by fragrances. Just wait and see how it turns out before you judge too hard. People need to move on with their sad life seriously.

And for those of you hiding behind fake profiles, fake pictures talking shit, good job losers. Well, I met Jeremy a few times. He seems to be a nice person. I don't know him well, though. I don't follow his "fragrance journey" The only fact is: But am I into the hype? Will I buy blindly a full bottle?

His concept is just so mainstream. But that is Jeremy's taste. He knowws what sells well, so he'll succeed in that. Haters gonna hate, fans are gonna admire. For me Jeremy Fragrance is a celebrity who wants to build a business around his persona and get big money. Not a lot of passion for "fine perfumery" though. Just another mainstream brand. I am quite shocked and at the same time baffled by the amount of negative comments here. You guys only know "Jeremy Fragrance" , you do not know "Jeremy Williams".

Most of you have never had a personal encounter with him , you are all just judging based on what you see on social media. How do you know he is arrogant? Just because he said he knew he was going to win???. There is something called self-belief. And you want to crucify someone for believing in himself? As much as I love Jeremy fragrance , there are some things I question about him yes. So please you all should take your negativity somewhere else. He is the most popular fragrance reviewer for a reason.

If I see his opening "spin" one more time, I just might barf. No samples sounds like he is hiding something. I guess we will have to wait for his own review to discover what it smells like. I pay him not attention. And would never ever buy his fragrance and would surely reconsider further buying products from a company dealing with him. A few simply-stated comments sold me: Sounds good to me!

We all want the same thing—to smell good. Why all the hate? Alright, he's a bit of a pratt but you don't have to buy the scent. Seems to me like he's capitalising on his fame- who wouldn't? Plenty have done it before him. Good luck to him. Considering so many people don't care there are a hell of a lot of comments! Seriously though I can understand both 'sides' of the argument concerning Jeremy, but the way I see it he may have been inspired by other youtubers and no given credit where due which kind of sucks but I wonder how many he himself has inspired?

Just thought I'd leave my neutral thoughts here. The guy's doing his own fragrance, it's a business at the end of the day. Sure most of us might be more humble or 'less look at me' big ego types but that would have to change if you're the focal point of a young business that needs to get itself noticed. Looking like a male model no doubt helps too as well as having content with attractive, large breasted girls showing their cleavage.

I admit the Ferrari was very off-putting but I'm one of those guys who wouldn't want one even if I could afford it, nice machines for sure but I'd feel like a big ignorant cock parading myself in one of those when many people struggle to put food on their plates.

We either buy into the hype or we don't. Unfortunately it can be a ruthless world, no matter if you're creating artworks, music, fragrances or even youtube content I am not fond of his youtube character at all, i would like him more mature, but it is intriguing what he can come up with. I would like to believe he will put a lot of effort into this, he knows what sucessful perfumes are.

I hope it will have a great performance. I used to like him and watched his videos when I first started researching perfumes, but quickly realized how superficial and phony everything that surrounds him is. But that could be said about the majority of popular vloggers, all noise and buzz words, very little substance. I am curious about the fragrance though and will get my hands on a sample once people start decanting it. A man with an ego the size of Canada releases a perfume described as "polarizing" with a brash publicity campaign What else is new?

It could be his blatant arrogance, preoccupation with his own looks, or the way he constantly tells people not to wear certain fragrances Haters gonna hate, its always like that if you get successful. He has over k subscribers on Youtube and is the biggest fragrance youtuber by far. And why do people here comment hes only wearing mainstream fragrances? You apparently dont even watch his videos. He has atleast 10 videos with very not-mainstream fragrances in it.

And now I see people hating because his fragrance is only sold online and you cant sample it. And I know you did too. So stop acting like this is a bad thing. So he doesn't get paid for his reviews, that's commendable and restores my respect for a fragrance house that was featured in one of his videos Guerlain.

He's cocky, but he has a dream and he goes for it. My experience has learned me that when someone is arrogant they are mostly insecure. Now he gets to work with his favourite perfumer. Guess he must be doing something right I understand the negative comments by some people, but I don't like some commentaries addressing his supposedly bad English — not all of us are native English speakers, you know!

And I want to ask those people: I have watched some vids of Jeremy's. I Don't even know where he comes from Go Jeremy, make your dream come true!!

I have never been payed by stores and pp l- unknown- to me for my opinion about what they want, fits, etc. I only know that I have tried on thousands of perfumes since I was 5 years old and I do the layerings even without knowing any of the perfumes I suggest. It is just my instinct. Don't judge my wardrobe please, I have thousands of samples from every parfum category. Thank you Miguel for another great interview!! Read this article, it's full of "I", "I" and "I". Then read Ramon Monegal's article, he talks about perfumery, notes, history.

The man got skills, the man got looks. I'm glad he uses this package and his platform for good. Jeremy always makes entertaining videos, I'm sure the perfume advertising will be interesting to see.

As far as he loves sweet scents, future smells good. I know, this site isn't famous for having humble and positive members, but please Before criticizing this successful millennial, check how many times have you bragged here about your best nose and best taste. The pot calling the kettle black. When I was young or even not so young, I was a sucker for many a pretty boy, to much of my detrimental and many a no good end.

If you were ugly or not so pretty, or God forbids, you AGE, life becomes much harder to live and few invests in you. D Jer is cute, but cocky. Maybe more bloggers will follow the trend, that would be nice.

I'd love the frag from Bois de Jasmin for example. My money is on Alberto Morillas. Not that it matters; the fragrance is going to be awful, no matter who the perfumer is, given that JF's fragrance preferences are as tasteless as his misogynistic views. Look for elemants of all three of those frags in this creation of his. Now to his parfumeur It is so full of arrogance to think anyone with taste will blind buy anything just because someone on YouTube says so. There is so much rubbish as it is sold as perfume that this is a joke and honestly, leave fragrance making to the professionals.

Even Coco Chanel had less arrogance and far more talent than this guy. Celebrities, even the minor ones should really stop pretending this is anything else than a money making venture. I was inspired to pen the following open letter to Jeremy Fragrance - a recent juggernaut in the YouTube Fragcomm as well as a far lesser newer entrant to the game Fragrance Runner.

That being said, this gent Jeremy who has taken so many by storm- as time went by, certain things began to happen that caused me to raise an eyebrow or two and to just sit back and re-asses.

As noble, as humble as selfless and as altruistic as that all sounded, it all unravelled and caused me to almost do a head-spin as Carrie had performed in her iconic movie decades ago. Why the extreme reaction, why do you ask?!?!

Well, within a matter of just weeks- weeeeeeks I tell you, our ubiquitous fragrance friend uploaded a rather bizarre and what many believed to be a rather self-serving video when he blogged live taking us through his dynamic purchase of a brand new Red Ferrari. That I strive to do and to just strive to just give each and every human being the benefit of the doubt and to never foolishly impugn the motives of others.

I tell you though, with all sincerity, the optics, the optics were just not very uplifting or in line with the personna that this young man seemed to be portraying these last couple of years.

I grappled with my feelings for quite some time and then finally I reached the simple conclusion. Very simply the very topic that inspired me to pen my open letter below One thing that struck me clearly through all of this: It required a tremendous amount of courage for Fragrance Runner to address the issue head-on as he did, because in my humble opinion, it only serves to make the overall frag community a much much more inclusive and happy one Fragrance Runner is now under a barrage of attacks and my thoughts are with this young man You read if you wish and YOU individually be the judge I really wonder which nose is willing to sign on this sack of shallow superficial tasteless and arrogant bullshit All that in itself is forgivable, perhaps excusable, even from myself as perhaps a self-righteous educator.

The Fragcomm as a whole is something that is truly still very much alive, growing and impelled by the many talents she gifts of its various members: How can and why should? I have to admit that I felt a decrease in quality. I would agree with anyone of the opinion that this is a forum and, just like anything else in life, there is a place for everyone.

But it's not like this poor man has no voice on the internet. He has a voice and he has an outlet. This isn't even about the person specifically.

However, I must admit that I do come here looking for quality and I do have some standards and expectations. Should that be something wrong? Lol First time watching his video. I have to say I enjoyed it. I find him handsome, entertaining, and funny. I could see the player, or douch bag thing but hey, a lot of single str8 guys chase women. I dont know if he crossed the line to harrassment. If he did, thats clearly wrong and should be held to account. But I am not judge or jury.

One thing I can definitely say that bugs me is he keeps making objective statements like "ladies love this one", or ladies only compliment you if you spray a small amount". At first it sounded like false statistics. Its like when people want to prove a point they say, "Many people say But then I realized this could be his personal experience with ladies. He wears fragrance to attract ladies, so it makes sense. This is his experience with his body chemistry and style.

It is not a guarantee other people will share the same results. So I realized it was a personal bias turning me off when he used these blanket statements. Then I realized I have done the same thing before in my "small reviews". I swear ladies always compliment me when I wear Versace. It's my personal experience. It's a personal bias for me because generally I dont wear fragrances to attract anyone. I wear them to express myself. Of course I like smelling good, but getting compliments is not my goal.

My goal is to smell myself throughout the day. It would be nice if instead of these blanket statements he found hard facts to back them up. I actually remember reading a consumer report 2 years after Essenza came out that said most female consumers rated ADG Essenza as quite high on their list of scents to smell on a man. It may have been in a style magazine and I cant find it now.

So look, now it seems like I'm doing the same thing. What I'm trying to say is blanket statements are great when your expressing your opinion. But if your stating something as a fact, statistics are better. Guess I'll continue to be oblivious to his existence. He deletes,ignores,comments which call him out Why did he Private the video which he won an award for? He dint want his viewers to see it as to how it was plagiarized from Runner?

He begs for money for his lifestyle shamelessly. Where is his invesment on the new perfume sprayer he said he has no money for. He is nude in it. His way of Trolling women for views is horrible. Another lie for business. One of the reasons i stopped watching,Its too childish. Haters will hate, followers will still follow. It is quite pathetic, abusive and "childish" to see the long "dislike" bar appear on any fragrance page BEFORE the fragrance even being released or actually tested, due to personal hate.

Kim Kardashian has done it long time ago. She does not offer testing or samples, only blind buying online and even no return policy offered either I don't know about buying perfumes in her store though. I have blind bought Kim's perfumes and other perfumes from different brands that also do not have samples or testers available either , and I personally enjoy them. And look, she is still popping more perfumes out. It is just like the case with KimKW all over again in here, but this time, a guy is the target.

So much hate, criticism, mocking and negatives. It is easier to point finger and criticize, to judge than to encourage. Hypothetically speaking, even if the guy is a dick and has created all the dramas, or lies, or scams to boost himself up, I'm not gonna throw rock at him as I don't know him in person and he has not done a single thing that directly affects, or influences, or ruins my personal life. Unlike similar stores, however, we offer our swimwear items at incredible low prices that anyone can afford.

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